The Institute of Policy Alternatives of Montréal (IPAM)

The Institut de politiques alternatives de Montréal (IPAM) is an independent organization devoted to fostering and promoting debate on urban development and democracy in Montreal within his metropolitan context. Founded in 2009, the organization seeks to help create a new vision of Montréal for the next generation through a holistic, multi-scalar approach, as well as proposing strategies for achieving this new vision.

IPAM’s members and participants come from a wide range of Montréal organizations and socio-economic spheres: universities, business, community organizations, the women’s movement, social economy activists, minority communities, the arts and the environmental movement.

The organization’s structure is based on five sectoral priorities:

  • economic and cultural development;
  • poverty, social housing, social justice and community development;
  • democracy and citizenship;
  • urban planning, heritage and transportation;
  • ecology and sustainable development.

The members of IPAM are individuals who wish to make an active contribution to these areas of activity. IPAM is not intended to replace existing bodies such as community organizations, associations, public corporations and political institutions.

IPAM’s activities are focused on two areas:

  • Research, open debate and awareness-raising by hosting public forums, conferences and seminars dealing with an extensive range of urban issues;
  • Monitoring municipal government activities by conducting an annual review of Ville de Montréal reports concerning urban planning and reports issued by the Office de consultation publique de Montréal and by the Ombudsman.