Montreal, What's Going On ?
by Queen's University.


A recent study from Queen’s University comparing growth in different Canadian metropolitan areas comes to a dreadful conclusion about Montréal. Three major elements to remember:

1. More people now live off l’île de Montréal than live on it. In Montréal, the CMA is 3,824,221 people. All the population on the island was just less than 1.9 million in 2011. There are also, of course, plenty of suburbs on the Montréal island.

2. The vast majority (97%) of the growth in the Montréal metropolitan area (181,000) was in automobile suburbs and exurban areas, the pale yellow and white areas on the map. Montréal had very little population growth from 2006-2011 in its active core (khaki) and transit suburb (gold) neighbourhoods: only about 6800 more people.

This was much lower than Toronto (78,000) or Vancouver (49,000), and lower than Ottawa-Gatineau (7400) or Edmonton (8300).

3. Montréal’s exurban areas (white on the map) grew by 18,500 people from 2006-2011, the largest increase in any Canadian metropolitan area. This is not something to be proud about. It means that there are more suburban residents in rural areas, commuting to the city.

Download the research.