Plan de développement de Montréal : Compte rendu de la table ronde et mémoire par l’IPAM

(Translate this page for IPAM) L’IPAM est fière de publier son mémoire conjointement avec SUP McGill au sujet du projet de Plan de développement de Montréal. L’IPAM et l’École d’urbanisme de l’Université McGill saluent l’effort de taille que la Ville et ses professionnels ont fourni pour élaborer le PPDM. Ils reconnaissant la valeur du document […]

Invitation: August 21st 2013 – Montréal Development Plan (In French)

(Translate this page for IPAM) L’Institut de politiques alternatives de Montréal (IPAM) est heureux de vous inviter à une table-ronde ayant pour sujet le Plan de développement de Montréal. Cette rencontre se tiendra dans les bureaux de Rayside Labossière, au 1215 rue Ontario est (Montréal), le mercredi 21 août 2013, de 17h à 19h, dans […]

1st world summit of local governments for the right to the city

Following the 1st World Summit of Local Governments for the Right to the City which took place in Saint-Denis and Aubervilliers in France, December 11th and 12th 2012, we would like to inform that the press release and the final declaration are now available. Press release Final declaration We would like to remind you that […]

World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders

International Summit of Cooperatives 2012 The first International Summit of Cooperatives was a huge success—so successful, in fact, that the three hosts are talking about organizing another Summit in 2014. For more information : To the members of UCLG To the Secretaries General To the Vice-Presidents of United Cities and Local Governments For information: […]

A Celebration of 65 Years of UrbanPlanning Education at McGill and in Canada (Faculty of Engineering)

General information: Description: 8:30 a.m. Registration, light breakfast 9:00 a.m. Words of welcome 9:15 a.m. Lecture: The Trials & Ttribulations of Planning Under the authority of Me. Marc-André LeChasseur, prosecutors and defense lawyers will, with the assistance of a group of expert witnesses, conduct the (bilingual) trial of urban planning in front of a jury […]

Should we model ourselves after vibrant New York City, Paris or Hong Kong — or sprawling Atlanta?

Urban congestion is attractive Should we model ourselves after vibrant New York City, Paris or Hong Kong — or sprawling Atlanta? By Raphaël Fischler and Norma Rantisi, Special to The Gazette June 7, 2012 Dense urban development, not big homes and large lots like this Brossard development, is a better way to go. Dense urban […]


A METROPOLITAN AGORA TO MONITOR PMAD MONTREAL Montreal, March 12, 2012 – On the occasion of the announcement of the coming into force of the Greater Montreal Planning and Development Plan (PMAD), the President of the Institute for Policy Alternatives of Montreal (IPAM) ), Mrs. Phyllis Lambert, and the Chair of the Planning Commission of […]

What kind of Economic Development for Montreal? : A IPAM policy analysis

11 August 2011 – Montreal’s 2011-2017 Economic Development strategy, unveiled on June 13, is an exhaustive document that takes stock of Montreal Island’s current economic situation and puts forward some broad approaches for the next five years. Such an overall strategy, which highlights the role played by social economy, entrepreneurs and other economic actors in […]

Montreal: Today and Tomorrow

IPAM Bilingual Roundtable Co-chaired by Phyllis Lambert, architect, IPAM president and Dinu Bumbaru, Policy Director for Heritage Montreal, member of the Board of Directors of IPAM. [1] Environment with Alex Aylett, Trudeau Scholar, Urban Geographer, UBC and senior research associate, Sustainable Cities International (A Critical Overview of what has been achieved in going green, and what […]

Social Justice in the City – talk by Peter Marcuse

“Social Justice in the City: What is it? Who really wants it?” Thursday, September 16, 2010 / 7 p.m 1515 Ste-Catherine W. Concordia University, EV Building Amphiteatre (EV 1.605) Metro Guy-Concordia    About Peter Marcuse: Peter Marcuse, a planner and lawyer, is Professor Emeritus of Urban Planning at Columbia University in New York City.  His […]